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JMRI and WiFi Throttles

JMRI is a computer based DCC control interface that can be installed on your home computer. It will run on Windows 8 and up, various versions of Linux and Mac OS8 and up.

JMRI allows the operator to use their Android or Apple smartphone or tablet to control the decoder equipped engines and accessories (accessory decoder values need to be programmed and stored in JMRI to be accessed on the smartphone) using specially designed apps

JMRI can be downloaded by visiting

To use your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with JMRI as a throttle, you run the WiThrottle app on the iPhone or iPod Touch. The basic application is available for free download from the iTunes store.

To use your Android device with JMRI as a throttle, you run the Engine Driver program or Digitrains on the Android device. These free apps are available from the Google Play Store or the EngineDriver site